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11.59 am  - 2.30 am



11.59am - 2am


Tuesday  -Thursday

11 am to 3 am



11am -  5.30am



11.59am - 5.30 am

 opening hours are subject to change

Our Ladies

Because our range of beautiful ladies is forever changing to keep our clients completely satisfied. It would not do our ladies justice if you did not see them in the flesh so come in and see our beautiful Far Eastern women today and indulge yourself in pure pleasure.

These beautifull   Ladies  are working this week.

 Please call us to find out who is on and when.


  Yuki, a new petite (size 5)  well proportioned Japanese  lady in her late twenties . She loves to spoil  her customers 

  and  will  have you leave with a smile wanting more.


 Kelly , the korean Stunner  is back.

 This lady has been a client favorite when ever she is here .Tall with long  legs and a great boddy , she will  blow your    



 Vivian  the  vietnamese bombshell  is back to spoil you from 3 July

 This lady is drop dead gorgeous and  provides a wonderfull service that will  hook you .

 A definite must try


 Maree .

 New to Far Eastern Relaxation  . A very attractive blond Italian Lady in her early 30ies .

 This provides a service that is 2nd to none . She is a pleaser that knows how to make a man happy.  She is petite 

 in size.

 works mainly Fridays & Saturdays


  Victoria ,  a  young  dark blond sexy  Aussie Lady   with a slim well toned body and a service that will a have you 

  graving for more    (works Saturday and Sunday nights) not working at present



  Candy  the Korean Hottie 

  She is in her late 20ies, medium hight , with a slim body,just goreous, she is a pleaser , a difinite  must try.

  works Friday's


  Vicky is new to Far Eastern Relaxation> Works Fridays and Saturdays

  This  pretty ChineseLady has been here for a short time and is already a custoumer favourite.Comeand  see her 

  you won't regret it.  she is back at the midlle of July



  Julie  is back   everyone  that has been asking for her come and see her. Don't wait!!

  A  pretty , petite and young  Thai Lady,  22 years old, She here to indulge and spoil . She is a Stunner.

  her service is  mind blowing .You will be back for more 


  Koko will be back  in the 3rd week of July

  This lady is of mindblowing beauty.

  She provides a  fantastic service that will have you longing for more and more .



   Lisa a new Thai Lady will be here until 7 July

   A stunning and slim Lady   .She does a great service and  will  have you leave    

   with a  happy smile on your face.



  Kylie a young  english rose (22y)  is  here until 2 July and again from the middle of July. 

  This Lady will take you  to haven and back.

  medium hight / tained boddy / long Black hair/ medium bust / a stunning lady


  Pinky is back 

  This popular pretty and  Young Thai lady  will put a smile on your face . She is passionate in her service . You won't be  



  Snow is Back from Friday 30 June

  She is a  Korean  sex goddess with big boobs and a service that will sent you in to orbit


  Eujene a young Hong Kong Lady is back from 2 July

  She provises  great services  passionate service come and give her a try